Reasons Why Students Should Be Part Of Live Online Classes With Rays Edutech

Education System has changed dramatically over the last two months, with a considerable rise of e-learning, whereby teaching is executed remotely and on digital platforms.

Online learning, which came as a panacea for the crisis, is increasingly seen as a new paradigm in education.

Rays Edutech is now also conducting Live Online Classes for students and providing some major facilities, as the whole education system going through a difficult span of time students and teachers must keep moving forward.

These online sessions will help students stay tuned with all the updates, and though e-learning poses a challenge to both students and teachers over technology and access, it will keep everyone busy with lectures, worksheets, and assignments.

Even before the COVID-19 outbreak, e-learning was growing at an unprecedented pace.

It will be interesting to see if the changes coronavirus has caused in the education system stay forever.

We are providing students the facility with Live Online Classes which we strongly believe will work in favor of the students, so let us explore the benefits of the facilities of live online classes with Rays Edutech.

1. Online test

This minimizes the chance of cheating. There is also a possibility for the paper to get leaked while passing it to different examination centers, this risk is reduced by the use of an online examination system.

However, online test is becoming popular day by day and the pen-paper mode of examination is being replaced by online examination to pace up with the trend.

Today almost every competitive examination and entrance examination is conducted online.

As a student, one would understand where they stand after every practice test.

2. Chapter-wise practice set

When you need to study regularly and when you need to manage your time to accommodate all the subjects, the best resort is using practice papers.

As the name itself suggests, practice papers are regular worksheets that cover various topics of a particular subject effectively. It makes studies effective and time-efficient.

3.Accessibility of Premium videos of class for a lifetime

Students will be able to access the premium videos of classes taken online by our immensely talented teachers for a lifetime.

We are making it possible for all students, to rewatch the classes delivered by teachers it will help then to jot down important points. They can watch any certain video multiple times, as they please.

4. Important topic videos on YouTube

Videos of any important topics will be available on our YouTube channel. Students now may subscribe to our channel to get important notifications of any updates on the channel.

5. Material book

Book materials are also available for students, so they don’t have to juggle here & there for it.

Online book material is easily accessible for students and teachers. So, now no matter where you are you can always get your book material online.

6. Discussion group

There will group discussion sessions, which will increase your understanding of a subject or a lesson and also will help in generating more ideas about a topic.

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