Why start coding career with C?

C is the most widely used computer programming language. C can also handle low-level activities and compiled a variety of computer platforms. The C language is known as mother language because almost all procedural language and object-oriented languages follow the properties of C language.

It is language on which C++ is based on, hence C# also derives its origin from the C. C language is very easy to learn but for having a good career in this language one has to be good in C programming. It is very wide and mainly used for developing different types of operating systems, network drivers, used in developing other programming languages.

90% of the beginners say that C had lost its recognition by its successors such as C++, Java, and C#, etc. You can’t ignore the C Programming language in your programming career and C is typically used for writing code for, embedded systems. There are different views of individuals on a career path of C as some people want to learn other languages but some are happy to learn C language.

If you are still not convinced why to start a coding career with C, we would say, there are different Job positions areas for a career in C programming language, where an individual can apply as per his/her knowledge. In India, there are different sites where you can check the openings for different roles like Senior engineer, Technical architect, team lead, etc.

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