Project training is an essential part of degree fulfilment. In project training you can see real implementation of your knowledge of programming language. If you are doing graduation / post-graduation degree in CSE/IT then your main aim is to develop software so, you learn programming language but you don’t know how to apply these concepts to develop software. In project training you learn about SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) process.

Our project training program is designed to give participants the hands-on skills of working in a Software Testing process involving Test Analysis, Test Design, Test Execution, Defect reporting, Regression testing & Automation testing. Participants receive up-to-date training in multiple areas in Software Testing Life Cycle starting Reviewing requirements, Identifying scenarios till Test closure activities. Successful completion of this program leads to placement assistance and participation in campus placements. Exposure to process oriented project related training and become industry Fit-Professional.

After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Manual testing with real-time process on real Environments
  • Familiar with SDLC process.
  • Requirements Analysis review.
  • Identifying & Documenting Test Scenarios.
  • Design & Develop Test Cases & Test data.


  1. Well experienced IT Professionals will train the individuals to make them adaptable for project implementation
  2. Interaction with best faculty and Industry Experts
  3. Small Batches to focus on each student
  4. You will do dummy and also live project.
  5. We have a large pool of industry-certified trainers
  6. Flexible hours available (if you have any problem in timing, you can get daytime, weekends and evening batches)
  7. We do project training in team work
  8. We provide performance report on project training
  9. We provide project training certificate
  10. We also guide in project documentation and ppt creation


Projects List in J2SE Technologies

  • Hospital Management System (HMS)
  • College Management System (CMS)
  • Library Management System
  • Broadcasting Chat Server Project
  • Exam System
  • JApps (Java Application World)
  • Institute management system
  • Dairy project management system
  • New Patient Registry Management System 
  • Restaurant Billing Management System
  • Medical Store Billing Management System
  • Student Result System
  • Event Management system
  • Invoice Management System
  • Shop Management System
  • Bookstore Management System
  • Laboratory Management System
  • School Data Management System
  • Gym Management System
  • Library Book Issue and return system
  • Club Registration System
  • Catering Management System
  • Electricity Management System
  • Grocery Stock Management System
  • Tax Calculation Management System

Projects List in J2EE Technologies

  • Online exam control
  • Online Shopping
  • Internet Banking
  • Multi User Voice Chat (VOIP)
  • Billing Management System
  • Student Result System
  • Online Voting System
  • Complaint Management System
  • Online CV Builder
  • Online Bookstore
  • Online Discussion Forum
  • Online Job Portal
  • Online ART Gallery
  • Online Booking System
  • Online Newspaper
  • Online Property Dealing
  • Gas Booking System
  • Cinema Booking System
  • Article Search Engine
  • Online College Management System
  • Courier Management System
  • Matrimonial Site
  • Online Marriage Hall Booking System
  • Online Food Order System

Projects List in PHP Technologies

  • Online Quiz Management System
  • Student Management System
  • Examination Management System
  • Appointment Booking System
  • Bus Ticket Booking Management System
  • Movie Ticket Booking System
  • Pizza Ordering System
  • Document Printing System
  • Leave Management System

Projects List in .NET Technologies

  • Online Shopping Cart
  • College Information System (CIS)
  • Student Management System(Window Based).
  • Query Management System
  • Online Exam
  • Online Shopping
  • Real Estate
  • Hostal Management System(HMS)
  • Music Online
  • Secure Information System
  • Net Banking
  • Sms System
  • Placement cell
  • Online Exam Conducting with Timer
  • Online Job Portal
  • Railway Ticker System
  • Human resource management system (HRMS)
  • Insurance Company
  • COURIER Management System
  • Social Networking

Projects List in Android Technologies

  • Drivers Connectivity
  • Tictactoe
  • Media Player
  • Bord CastSMS
  • Location Finder GPS
  • Wall Changer
  • Call Blocker
  • Flashlight
  • Call Log
  • Payment MVC
  • Mr Bhukku (Snake Game)
  • Remote Controlled Robot Using Android Application
  • Smart Travel Guide Application for Android Mobile
  • Android Phone Based Home Surveillance System
  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition on Android Platform
  • Bus Notification System Based on Android Technology
  • Real Time Multiple Cross Platform Communication through Bluetooth
  • Design of Chatting Application Based on Android Bluetooth
  • Machine Learning Approach to Android Malware Detection
  • Android-based Mobile Framework for Navigating Ultrasound and Vision Guided Autonomous Robot

Projects List in Big Data Hadoop Technologies

  • Hospital Management System (HMS)
  • College Management System (CMS)
  • Mobile Store System .
  • Online exam
  • Online Shopping
  • Internet Banking
  • Airline Reservation System
  • ATM Database System
  • Multi User Voice Chat (VOIP)
  • Telephone Billing System
  • Client Server application
  • Parking system
  • Railway Ticker System
  • College Library Record Application
  • Billing Management System

Projects List in Cloud Computing Technologies

  • Building a private cloud using LAMP, WAMP & eyeOS
  • Building a cloud server using VMWARE ESXi & vSphere
  • Warehouse Management System using Salesforce (SAAS)
  • Recruiting Application using Salesforce (SAAS)
  • PushBots Cloud Application Using cloud PAAS