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The Future of Artificial Intelligence: Trends and Implications

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Artificial Intelligence is the working of machines like humans. It is a field of study where the machines are programmed to work like human beings. The advent of Artificial Intelligence has made our life easier to a great extent. From most easy day to day life activities to highly complex tasks, everything can be done using Artificial Intelligence.

Here are few trends and its implications of Artificial Intelligence in future:

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Trends: AI In Healthcare: Artificial Intelligence has brought about a significant stride in medical diagnosis, drug discovery, personalized medicine and health monitoring. Various drug delivery techniques have been discovered to deliver medicines to a targeted body part without affecting other parts, this has become possible only because of AI.

AI In Edge Computing: The deployment of AI models on edge devices rather than relying solely on centralising cloud servers is gaining traction. This allows for faster processing and reduced latency, making AI application more efficient.

Explainable AI(XAI): AI systems become more complex, there is a growing need for transparency and interpretability. Explainable AI aims to make the decision-making process of AI systems understandable and accountable.

Job Displacement And Creation: The widespread adoption of AI may lead to the automation of certain jobs, potentially displacing workers in certain industries. However, it can create new job opportunities, particularly in the development, maintenance, and oversight of AI systems.

Security Concerns: The increasing integration of AI into critical systems has given a probable rise in the security concerns regarding its malicious usages. Ensuring the security of AI is paramount to prevent unauthorised access, manipulation, or attacks.

Human AI collaboration: the future may see more collaborative interactions between human and AI. Augmented intelligence, where AI complements human capabilities is likely to be a focus, enhancing productivity, and decision making.

Hence, we can say that AI is the future. The advancement in lifestyle has given a strong rise in the demand of AI systems that would enable us to get the desired works done inshort span of time.

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