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Node.js & Express.js


Node.js is an open-source, server-side JavaScript runtime built on Chrome's V8 JavaScript engine. It allows developers to run JavaScript code on the server, enabling the development of scalable and high-performance web applications. Node.js provides an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model that makes it well-suited for handling concurrent requests and building real-time applications.


Express.js, often referred to as Express, is a fast and minimalist web application framework for Node.js. It provides a robust set of features and utilities for building web applications and APIs. Its simplicity, performance, and extensive ecosystem make it a popular choice for building server-side applications with Node.js.

Course Name Date & Time Take Demos
Core Java 03/06/2024 View Details
User Interface(UI) 03/06/2024 View Details
React.js Starting Soon... View Details
MySQL Starting Soon... View Details
ADCAT Starting Soon... View Details

Where it is used?


  • Life time validity (enroll one time and revise many times)
  • Interaction with the best faculty and Industry Experts
  • Small Batches to focus on each student
  • We focus on both theoretical and practical approaches in a parallel way.
  • You will be given the opportunity to work on a live project.
  • Outdoor activities to boost your confidence.
  • Presentation in class by the students.

Our Key Features:

  • Good Quality Material Notes
  • Smart Classes Available
  • Online Test
  • Chapter wise Assignments
  • Offline And Online Classes
  • Recorded class on Rays App
  • Eminent faculties of the IT Industry( Amazon, Wal-Mart, Oracle, Microsoft..)
  • Fully AC and Wi-Fi Campus.


  • Introduction to Node.js
  • Advance JavaScript
  • Blocking and Non-Blocking
  • Event loop
  • Basic Web server in Node.js using http module
  • NPM
  • Render HTML tags & File
  • Installing third party NPM Modules
  • How Node.js Works Under the hood
  • Process,thread & thread pools
  • How to use NPM command Line

  • What is Express.js and Why use it
  • CRUD API using MongoDB
  • Basic Routing in Express
  • Monogoose 7 CRUD API using Mongoose
  • REST API (Postman)
  • File Uploads using Formidable
  • Get Data from frontend (req.body, req.params and req.query)
  • Java Script function (Map, Filter, Reduce)
  • 3rd Party API
  • Authentication & Authorization
  • Middleware
  • Security Implementation and Best practices
  • Routing
  • Express API with Database
  • Database Connectivity using MongoDB

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